Individual Counselling



The style of counselling and therapy helpful to you will depend on the nature and duration of the

problems that are giving you distress and the outcomes you desire.

I provide a safe and confidential place for you to work through the issues that are troubling you, and help you to find inner peace, perhaps for the first time.

I specialise in the treatment of trauma and eating disorders, and have extensive experience in working with parents, childhood issues and relationship difficulties. I provide brief and longer term intensive therapies, as well as couples and family counselling, depending on your needs.


short_term_therapy Short Term Counselling

Many people seek counselling during a time of crisis and feel a sense of urgency to deal with the problems they are suddenly faced with. It could be conflict in important relationships, the death, illness or loss of a loved one, a sudden increase in work load or stress or bullying at work, – all these challenge your usual coping skills and can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

Brief, supportive counselling and therapy, can help you to effectively use new strategies and tools to better manage your current situation.

Therapy is supportive and directed toward your specific outcomes, and may include individuals, couples and at times families.


long_term_therapyLonger Term Therapies

At other times, your difficulties may be felt more generally in your life as a whole and experienced at a deeper level. Long standing depression, feelings of sadness and emptiness, grief and loss, a lack of confidence, addictions, difficulties with eating, or an inability to maintain relationships may plague you in an on-going fashion, reducing feelings of happiness and your quality of life.

It may be that traumatic events overshadow or intrude in your life. You may re-experience these events, both as memories and as long-standing patterns of feelings, responses and behaviours. Perhaps these traumatic events may express themselves as feelings of low self-esteem, continuing depression or debilitating anxiety. You may decide to engage in longer term therapy to overcome the pain of these feelings and experiences in your life.

In longer term therapy, we will explore your experiences and emotions at a deeper level, creating new and powerful insights and understandings. There will be opportunities to explore and develop new ways of coping with situations you find difficult, as well as enhancing your relationship skills, and over time developing an enhanced and more resilient sense of identity.

In the case of trauma, you may wish to work to understand how these experiences have affected you, and work through these issues in a way that decreases their power and their ability to disrupt your life. This is done in a careful, caring and supportive manner that proceeds at a pace you feel comfortable with so as to not overwhelm your ability to manage and in the context of a strong and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Longer – term therapy can help you discover a sense of confidence, connection and peace, often for the first time.


life_coachingLife Coaching

You may come to therapy with long term goals that you feel you are falling short of, or failing to achieve. You may have a sense that you are not expressing your full potential.

In this case we will work together to explore your values, goals, find your motivation, and to uncover and work through unconscious blocks to help you achieve your desired outcome.

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